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  The Waterford police in St Catherine are still awaiting a formal report after the house of entertainer Blak Ryno's father was shot up February 17th 2010. It was revealed that about 1:30 p.m. gunmen walked up to the house which is located on Cascade Road. They brandished guns and fired on the house, no one was at home when the incident occurred. The police awaits a report on the matter to start a formal investigation in the matter," an investigator told THE WEEKEND STAR. angered by the incident Ryno, whose real name is Romaine Anderson, on Thursday came out publicly with the announcement that he was leaving the Vybz Kartel lead Portmore Empire. Ryno had been a member of the Empire since 2007. The deejay had contacted THE WEEKEND STAR to state that he was was longer in the crew. Following yesterday's shooting incident, Kartel was quoted in a release from his publicist, Raine Martin, as saying that he was angered by the incident.  condemn today's (Thursday) shooting in Waterford, and I condemn any attack made on Blak Ryno," Kartel is quoted as saying. "Regardless of what transpires between the Portmore Empire and Blak Ryno, whether or not he is a part of the Empire, I will not tolerate any acts of violence against him. Anybody who does anything to Ryno has to answer to me."





Fast-rising Hawaii-based recording artiste J Boog was recently in Jamaica working on a sizzling hot reggae collaboration alongside roots singer, Richie Spice at Big Yard Studio in Kingston.
With the guidance of Morgan Heritage member Gramps and veteran singer/songwriter Yami Bolo, both Boog and Spice joined forces musically to create the still untitled single which according to Boog was inspired after he visited a certain garrison community. During my stay I got a chance to go out by Trench Town, there I saw the struggle of the people and that moti-vated me to do a song. "Our music in Hawaii is pretty similar to reggae music, in fact we call it island music or island reggae, so since I began singing I've always dreamed of coming to Jamaica to experience the local culture." Looking to make his mark in the international mainstream, J Boog is confident the world will soon hear his calling. "I am a high-energy artiste, I make good music and put my blood, sweat and tears into every record. Island artistes haven't been getting the recognition we deserve but we not going to stop pushing." Backed by Washhouse Music Inc the label responsible for his success to date, J Boog is looking to dominate in 2010. THE WEEKEND STAR.



Portmore Empire head Vybz Kartel has described his former protégé, Blak Ryno, as a confused individual after his recent departure from the crew. Speaking to THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, Kartel discussed his reaction to Ryno's abrupt departure from the Portmore Empire on Wednesday, of which he has been a member since January 2007.
Kartel said: "Ryno is, in my analysis, a confused individual going through some sort of post-adolescence trauma, where in his pursuit to find himself is getting his priorities mixed up and as a result, is making decisions in a subconscious, bewildered state of mind." The deejay further said that: "Portmore Empire and Gaza will continue to grow from strength to strength merely because I am Gaza." According to Kartel, persons can look out for his newest member Gaza Slim and his protégé Popcaan.
The Portmore Empire started in 2007 after Kartel's departure from the Alliance in 2006. The Empire have consisted of members such as Popcaan, Singa Blinga, Dosa Medicine, Lisa Hype, Shawn Storm, Gaza Indu, Sheba, Jah Vinci among others. Blak Ryno was an original member of the Portmore Empire and was seemingly one of the closest to Kartel, often citing him as a major influence and called him 'daddy' on numerous occasions. Ryno is the third deejay to have departed the Empire recently, the first being Lisa Hype, now called Lisa Hyper. Hyper was dismissed from the Empire late last year shortly after a compromising picture of the deejay began circulating on the Internet. In January newcomer to the Empire, Gaza Kim - now known as Kym, willingly left the Empire after an incident which took place in the 'Big Yard' community off Mannings Hill Road. Kym was severely beaten on what sources say were orders by Kartel. Kartel later denied any involvement.








Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Dancehall singjay Serani is keeping himself current with some recent remixes with overseas artistes.On the social networking site, Twitter, P Diddy announced on Wednesday that the dancehall remix of Angels with Dirty Money, Notorious B.I.G and Serani was ready for download.

When contacted Serani said the song was recorded in October, after Diddy's camp made contact with his A&R. "A totally different beat was made and sent to me and I just fit in at the right places to suit the vibe," he told THE STAR.  And, he is very proud of doing such a collaboration. "I love it. I've been listening to Diddy since I was a teenager. I am proud to work with him. I like the remix too," Serani said. Adding, "Basically, it does give me a hype and keeps my buzz going. Doing remixes keep you current." Serani said he also did a remix of I Get It In with Omarion and Gucci Mane last year and that has been released. He also did a song with US-based DJ Webstar called Tipsy. There is also Hot Like Pepper with Machel Mantano, which Serani said is already doing well. With the many successes coming his way, Serani said he is pleased with the direction his career is going in. "It's going pretty great. I have a brand new number one with Skip To My Luu. So, I'm really proud of that. I'm working on my mixtape to just keep the buzz. You can't take a break at this minute. If you take a break, somebody is ready to take your place," he told THE STAR, noting that the mixtape will be released this week. "I have made a lot of connections. The links are there, so as long as I'm staying current, things will happen. Music is not something you rush. Expect a lot of big things from DASECA."






Gangs are typically thought of as groups of tough-talking, gun-slinging individuals. However, one gang that has reportedly developed in the downtown Kingston area, has taken to terrorising its victims through music. Talk of the new gang has been on the lips of everyone in the downtown area and The WEEKEND STAR has learnt that the members, often turn their stinging and threatening lyrics into action. According to police sources, the gang, which is called 'Gazanine' and was only recently created, is based in the Tower Street and West Street areas of the city. It is alleged that the group produces several songs laced with lewd and threatening lyrics which they distribute around town. The songs, it is alleged, also issue threats to named persons, as well as ghastly descriptions of the acts which will be meted out to specific individuals. young people One resident of the affected area, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the songs have already sparked an altercation between members of the group and another man, however, things are at ease, for now. "Yeah, one little thing did gwaan bout the place wid a man and the youth dem bout a song weh dem do a dis the man bout him mada" said the resident.
The police also indicated their awareness of the incident, but said that matter was settled.
The gang's music which seems to be the new trend on the streets is in the ears of most young people in the downtown area. The WEEKEND STAR had the opportunity to listen the songs which depict the lifestyle of a street thug. Common lines in the songs include 'gunshot and copper to di face' of a named individual. The police claim that the Gazanine which is led by an adult, has teenage members between the ages of 17 to 19 years old, since the gang recruits only young persons. Similar information was given to the WEEKEND STAR by residents within the area. Residents also complained about the gang being a plague upon them, however, most persons remained tight-lipped about this statement. This claim was confirmed by the police, who indicated that they have received some reports about the gang being a menace to the community.